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Host: Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa
Air Date: October 6, 2000
ABC (Check local listings)

(ed. note: Tim was actually on "Live with Regis". Regis had not selected a permanent co-star yet).

Regis: Hi. Good to see you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Tim: How are you. You're doing great. She's doing fantastic.

Regis: A lot of talent this kid. You remember Tim Daly. He was on "Wings" for about eight years. Well this is a very different series. If I see that guy jump out of the window one more time. You know in those promos CBS is running and float down. Is that you? Who is that?

Tim: It's probably some combination of me and someone like Jackie Chan.

[ Laughter ]

Regis: Yeah. I can't wait to see it. It's gotten great reviews so far.

Tim: It is, it's a really great show.

Regis: Are you happy with it.

Tim: I'm thrilled with it. I think that you know, we're trying to do something very ambitious, which is essentially to deliver a feature film to the audience every week. So we're sort of clinging by our finger nails trying to do the best.

Regis: By now everybody knows the story, about a guy accused of murdering his wife, he said he didn't do it, he runs and the detective is after him and that's the story.

Tim: Yes, and he's chasing the one-armed man, of course.

Emily: And you're Dr. Kimble.

Tim: Dr. Richard Kimble.

Regis: Now, Tim comes from a family of actors. Father was an actor. As a matter of fact, didn't your dad play in the original series.

Tim: My dad did two episode as a guest star of the original Fugitive in different roles. The first time was when "The Fugitive" was in black and white. The next was in color.

Regis: James Daly, good actor.

Emily: Those are the only two ones you've seen of the original, right?

Tim: Yeah. It's funny, people ask me if I studied the old ones, but I really didn't. I was too young to be aware of it except for remembering my dad had done it. -- I saw them. It's really interesting to see how television has changed.

Regis: It sure has.

Tim: In those old show, it seems like everyone -- first of all, everyone smoke all the time on the show. And when they couldn't think of anything else to do everyone would have drinks. They were always drinking.

[ Laughter ]

Regis: Drinking and smoking their brains out.

Tim: "Can I get a drink? Yeah." Gosh those people at 3:00 in the afternoon they'd be on the floor.

[ Laughter ]

Regis: Now you ask for the yogurt to be passed out.

Tim: Exactly.

Regis: We'll pause. We'll come back with Tim in a moment.

[ Commercial Break ]

Regis: Tim Daly, "The Fugitive" opens tonight on CBS. You know Tim has a famous sister too.

Emily: Yes, she's going to be on the show on Monday. We hear you've been having a hard time keeping track of each other.

Tim: Yeah, as matter of fact, I have a little -- I have a little message that I want you to give to her, because --

[ Takes out a letter and gives it to Regis]

Regis: This is Tyne Daly.

Tim: This is for Tyne. Don't open it!

[ Laughter ]

It's private.

Regis: You sure.

Tim: No. That's for her.

Regis: It's not a gag, is it.

Tim: No, that's a federal offense opening that, US federal something --

[ Laughter ]

Regis: I'll give it to her, she can read it on the show.

Tim: Yes, I think probably she can.

Regis: All right, fine.

Tim: And she's a great kid and -- and -- you treat her well, please. Take care of her.

Regis: Oh, please. Tyne Daly's an old pal.

Now look, you play this Dr. Kimble. He's on the run, constantly running, running, running. Shall we take a look at him in action.

Tim: Let's do that.

Regis: Here's Dr. Kimble, "The Fugitive".

[ Clip of the Pilot ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Tim: You know. -- What's funny, you're a kid and you're playing around with a little truck in your yard and one day you wake up and it's 3:00 in the morning and your in Waukegan, Illinois, and it's 30 degrees out, and you're sitting on top of an actual semi truck going 60 miles an hour down the highway going, how did I get here? I use to be that kid.

Regis: That's just one of the many, many stunts. The series must be filled with these things.

Tim: There are. But I have to say that the real core of the show is the emotional drama which I think is the most compelling part of the story.

Regis: Sure, absolutely. Let's hope it's as big a hit as it was last time. Okay.

Tim: I hope so.

Regis: 8:00 tonight on CBS. Tim good luck with it, okay?

Tim: Thank you very much.

Regis: I'll give this to Tyne on Monday.

Tim: You do that.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ End of segment ]

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