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Host: Craig Kilborn
Air Date: February 1, 2001
CBS 12:35am

Craig: My first guest soared on to fame on "Wings" and now is on CBS's "The Fugitive."

[ Clip of Episode 16, "And In That Darkness" ]

Craig: Please welcome Tim Daly.

[ Cheers and applause ]

I'm not going to say anything, will not say that word.

Tim: Okay. Thank you.

Craig: Nice to meet you.

Tim: Thank you. It's very nice for me too. I have to say first of all, that women I was touching inappropriately in that clip is my actually real-life wife.

Craig: That's your wife?

Tim: Yes.

Craig: And she's on tomorrow episode.

Tim: Tomorrow night, yeah.

Craig: How that -- how did she get that job?

[ Laughter ]

Who did she have to call?

Tim: Well, she slept with a lot of people.

[ Laughter ]

Actually, I should go on the record as saying -- we did an interview for people magazine and they quoted me as saying that, you know, we had separate trailers because I didn't have to be in her trailer seeing her try on panty hose. There's since been lines of men at my house waiting for her to try on panty hose. What they didn't say in people magazine was that, what I said before that -- was that, it was very easy for us to have sex in my trailer.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Craig: Ah, you see. You see. I've seen the show. Your character is framed. For murder. He's the Fugitive, right?

Tim: He's wrongly convicted.

Craig: Wrongly convicted. Yet I watched the show and I am starting to believe that he is guilty of something.

[ Laughter ]

Am I wrong to?

Tim: You know, I really don't know what is going to happen, but I think you may be right. I think that, as a matter of fact I have accused the writers -- of, of having it be a whole metaphor for Richard Kimble's homosexuality. He is really -- he's on the run from himself and he actually had an affair with the one-armed man. It was just --

Craig: Wow, you're taking this father than I do.

Tim: Children lover thing -- I have a very active imagination.

Craig: We now how your wife got a guest star on the show. How did you actually get the part? Did you go through --

Tim: Well, there was actually nothing really unique about it, except that I met with Arnold Kopelson and John McNamara. John McNamara who sort of the creative --

Craig: One of the great tennis players of all time.

Tim: Yeah, yeah, who also writes the show.

Craig: You said John McNamara. I'm sorry.

Tim: Yeah, McNamara and Arnold Kopelson who produced the movie -- who sort of this old fashion Hollywood powerbroker and at the end of this interview -- when we started Arnold had no idea who I was, by the end of it he was very interested in me. And he's from Brooklyn, he brought himself up by his bootstraps. He looked at me and said, "Tim, that movie of your Execution of Justice," which you were very good by the way. It appears though that you have an enormous ass. Would you mind showing it to me."

[ Laughter ]

And I thought, I thought -- well how badly do I really want this job. Then I showed him this.

[ Shows a fake CBS tattoo ]

[ Cheers and applauses ]

Craig: Oh, my god.

That's -- that's a tattoo. It's a CBS tattoo.

[ Cheers and applauses ]

That's how you get a job. I want a replay, I just notice the brand of underwear. I believe -- I think it said G-A-P. Not that -- I think most guys were looking at the tattoo.

[ Laughter ]

Is it GAP underwear?

Tim: No, actually I've been nominated for GAP award. G-A-P award.

Craig: Did you see that, it said GAP. So their paying you well over there on "The Fugitive."

[ Laughter and Applause ]

I just, I don't know--

[ Cheers ]

Tell them were you film the show and if you are fond of where you film the show.

Tim: I film the show mostly in Seattle Washington, although we travel all over the country --

Craig: Very beautiful Seattle.

Tim: Yes, it's a beautiful place and if you like mushrooms or any sort of fungus --

[ Laughter ]

Craig: What?!

Tim: Especially attractive.

Craig: You mean because of the rain --

Tim: A little rainy situation. -- but it's the suicide capital and the -- I think serial killer capital of the United States.

Craig : So your down -- I believe and I've never really been there, but I believe there are worst place to film the show than Seattle. Seems like there are a lot of Starbucks there.

[ Laughter ]

You're doing a lot of running and a lot of -- you don't like Seattle?

Tim: No, I like Seattle a lot. No, it's a beautiful town, it's just very far away from my family cause I live in Providence.

Craig: There you go.

Tim: I live in Providence, Rhode Island so it's hard to get home and see my wife and kids.

Craig: Providence. Very excite, Providence.

[ Laughter ]

Tim: Hey.

Craig: Now you come from a very famous family. Your sister --

Tim: Tina.

Craig: Tyne Daly.

Tim: Oh yeah, Tyne. I always get that wrong. It's the weird spelling.

Craig: Well that's the folks fault and your dad is --

Tim: James

Craig: James

Tim: Was

Craig: An actor in the 60's, he was on the original "The Fugitive" with David Janssen.

Tim: Twice.

Craig: Yeah. Twice.

[ Light laughter ]

Tim: Seriously, he guest starred twice, once was in black and white, once was in color. He thought they wouldn't recognize him in color so he came back as a different character.

Craig: Did you, did you. -- They tell me -- because your around -- your father was an actor, he was around famous people and you were around, arguably my favorite actor of all time, Richard Burton. A lot of the young people don't know Richard Burton, he was married to Elizabeth Taylor. Richard Burton.

Tim: Yes, as a matter of fact my sister, Tyne, when she was married, took me to France where my then brother-in-law was shooting a movie with Richard Taylor and Elizabeth --

[ Laughter ]

Craig: Richard Burton --

Tim: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor and they had rented the entire floor of this very fancy hotel and they played out this scenario every night which was. Drinking, drinking, drinking --

Craig: Big time --

Tim : Then some more drinking, then a big huge fight --

Craig: Yeah

Tim: And Elizabeth would storm off and one night when she stormed off and this is sort of the part of my awakening as a man. She grabbed me by the wrist and took me into this room and said "Come on, I'll teach you how to play snookers". Just imagine this --

Craig: This sounds like fun --

[ Laughter ]

Tim: Imagine this for a moment if you will, a young boy of 10, burgeoning adolescence holding on to a pool cue with Elizabeth Taylor's arm wrapped around him, nesting in her cleavage.

[ Laughter and Applause ]

Craig: Yeah. We gotta got to "Five Question". We'll be back with the "Five Question" stay with us. "Five Questions" when we come back.

[ Commercial Break ]

Craig: Let's see, Tim Daly, Fugitive. Now we have "CSI" moving to Thursday after "Survivor" on CBS. Friday night you guys have a new time slot at 9.

Tim: 9:00pm Friday.

Craig : Are you fired up?

Tim: I'm psyched.

Craig: A little later, a little more racy --

Tim: Yeah.

Craig: An hour later.

Tim: Yeah, more killing, more sntupping, the whole thing.

Craig: More sntupping, any more tattoos to show.

Tim: Yeah

[ Laughter ]

Craig: Yeah. I can't believe you were nominated for this thing and your showing your ass on tv, but you were -- you -- the SAG, you were nominated this was kind of nice. You were nominated for a SAG award.

Tim: Screen Actors Guild award. Which is really an amazing honor cause the other nominees are fine actors. People like, Dennis Franz, James Gandolfini and Tony Edwards and --

Craig: Oh, these are real actors.

[ Laughter ]

What's the category? Best actor, best drama, best male --

Tim: Best actor in a drama, I think. I'm hoping I'm not getting nominated for "Wings".

[ Laughter ]

That would be too weird. I was also nominated for a SLAG award, there's another union, the symbionese liberation actors guild, to stop this runaway production to Canada.

Craig: That's good, good luck with both of those.

It's time for "Five Question"

[ Five Questions Theme Playing ]

Alright, we always start with geography on the first question.

Your intinals Tim Daly are TD. Name a state with T & D in it's name. One state in the United States -- their ar two, but just name one.

Tim: Um, South Dakota

[ Ding ]

Craig: That's correct.

Bloody Mary, celery or no celery?

Tim: I'm thinking celery.

Craig: That is correct.

[ Ding ]

Let's play the pyramid. Remember the $25 000 pyramid.

Tim: No --

Craig: You know the game show.

Tim: No, but I'm ready.

Craig: Paul McCartney, buffalo, airplane, sitcom, syndicated, McCartney, group. Buffalo Style, buffalo style. What's the category, what am -- what's the category.

Tim: The category is sitcoms right? No. I thought it was The Jeffersons -- is the answers. The Jeffersons.

Craig: What did you say, The Jeffersons?

Tim: The Jeffersons.

Craig: No, "Wings." We can't except that, you really don't know the pyramids. Okay.

Tim: What was it that got me on The Jeffersons?

Craig: I don't know.

Tim: I don't know

[ Laughter ]

Craig: Under your seat cushion I have hidden my favorite book under your seat cushion. Is it the "Great Gatsby"? Before you look.

Tim: I'm thinking no.

Craig: Take a peek.

Tim: Oh yeah, I was right.

Craig: He was correct and it is the "Liberace."

[ Ding ]

That's good. This is for a very good score of 4 out of 5. Finally -- Oh we're getting heavy on you here. What are your core beliefs? And if you can't think of any, just make a funny noise.

Tim: [ Makes a funny noise with his cheeks ]

Craig: That is correct. That is correct.

[ Ding ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Nice to meet you sir, thanks for the tattoo.

Tim: Thank you, your welcome.

[Cheer and Applauses ]

Craig: Big hand for Tim Daly

Tim: Thank you very much.

[ End of segment ]

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