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Season 1

Location: Chicago, Illinois/Miami

Dr. Richard Kimble convicted of murdering his wife Helen Kimble (Kelly Rutherford) is on route to prison when his van flips over. After his escape, clues of the one-armed man, Fred Johnson (Stephen Lang) directs him to Miami. He finds work at a construction site as Lieutenant Philip Gerard (Mykelti Williamson) closes in on him.

Written By: John McNamara
Directed By: Mikael Salomon

1 - The Hand Of A Stranger
Location: Savannah, Georgia

Kimble contacts his sister Maggie Hume (Connie Britton) who wires money to him. While leaving the bank the money is stolen. He finds the man, Garrett Davis (Dylan Kussman) who stole the money, only to find out the money has already been spent on medicine for his wife (Jamie Brown). Kimble also tracks down the one-armed and they get into a stand-off.
Written By: John McNamara
Directed By: Mikael Salomon

2 - Guilt
Location: Manchester, South Carolina

Kimble risks his identity when he enters a police station to help an ex-felon teenager (Will Estes) accused of stealing a car and killing a police officer.
Written By: John McNamara, Randy Anderson
Directed By: Jeff Bleckner

3 - Far From Home
Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Kimble helps a women flee from her abusive husband after Richard accidently contacts him. Meanwhile, Abe, Kimble's lawyer informs Richard that the OAM is dead.
Written By: Lisa Melamed
Directed By: Richard Compton

4 - DrRichardKimble.com
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

While hiding from the police beneath the docks for the night, Kimble becomes ill and starts to have hallucinations of his wife. Chuck Brixius (Devon Gummersall) a computer savvy crime buff, who has developed a website of Kimble's innocence, takes him in.
Written By: Kim Newton
Directed By: James Frawley

5 - Miles To Go
Location: Keegan Forest, Maine

While working at a small logging company, Kimble witnesses an accidental death of a worker. During an investigation, a fight breaks out between the boss and the brother of the killed worker. The boss is shot and the brother with his sister takes Kimble hostage to escape from the police.
Written By: Valerie Mayhew, Vivian Mayhew
Directed By: Tom Wright

6 - St. Christopher's Prayer
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/New York

Once Kimble finds out his father (Philip Baker Hall) is dying, he goes back to Philadelphia to see him. Word gets out in the press about the news and Lt. Gerard and a reporter (Wendy Gazelle) stakes out at the Kimble's house.
Written By: Matthew Carnahan, Arthur Weiss
Directed By: Bob Singer

7 - Sanctuary
Location: Chicago Illinois

After finding the OAM's syringes in a hotel. Kimble returns to his former girlfriends house in hopes that she can help him find out what the OAM is injecting.
Written By: David Ehrman
Directed By: Bill L. Norton

8 - Liar's Poker
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Kimble is held for ransom when a gambler, Professor Al Greenlaw (Richard Cox) cannot pay his debts. Vasicks finds Kimble and negotiates a cash settlement with the men for Kimble's release.
Written By: Randy Anderson
Directed By: Richard Compton

9 - Lagniappe
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Kimble pretends to be the OAM's brother as he tries to attain medical records from the hospital. He however gets caught and is forced to work in an illegal medical clinic to pay for the information in the records.
Written By: Sharon Lee Watson
Directed By: Lou Antonio

10 - New Orleans Saints
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Kimble tracks down the OAM's wife, Renee Charnquist (Glenne Headly) and finds out he is not the only person looking for the OAM, Benjamin Charnquist. Kimble contacts Chuck to tell him about the new clues and about the insurance investigator (Leon Rippy). The OAM returns to town.
Written By: Kim Newton
Directed: Mel Damski

11 - Safekeeping
Location: Topeka, Kansas

Kimble is having a comfortable stay with a nice farmer and his daughter, but is interrupted when the family's recovering alcoholic mother (DeLane Matthews) returns home to reclaim her family. Meanwhile, Lt. Gerard must find Kimble first when he learns that Vasick has tapped the phone of Kimble's lawyer.

Written By: Lisa Melamed
Directed By: Alan Levi

12 - And In That Darkness
Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Kimble is thrown into a psychiatric ward after a routine police sweep. Gerard finds incriminating information about the Bounty Hunter, Matthew Ross and Chief Detective Michael McLaren. Amy Van Nostrand, Tim Daly's wife guest star.

Written By: John McNamara, Sharon Lee Watson
Directed By: R.W. Goodwin

13 - Past Perfect
Location: Aurora, Illinois

Gerard is granted with a new fugitive task force and learns that Kimble has been in contact with an old cellmate, Steve, and his mother throught personal ads. Knowing this Gerard sets a trap, unaware, Kimble heads right into it.
Written By: Randy Anderson
Directed By: Jim Frawley

14 - Jenny
Location: Bodega Bay, California

Part I
Kimble breaks into an unoccupied B&B to hide, when unexpectedly the owner, Jenny Butler (Stacy Edwards) returns. After they both reveal they have lost loved ones, they grow closer. The romance is threatened when a bank-robbing couple intends to use Kimble's identity in their schemes.
Written By: John McNamara, Kim Newton
Directed By: Phil Sgriccia

15 - Strapped
Location: Bodega Bay, California

Part II
Kimble is forced to rob a local bank after Jenny is taken hostage by the bank-robbers, Donny and Lynnette Hennessy. Gerard quickly learns of Kimble's involvement with the couple and tracks him down. Kimble must decide his future with Jenny.

Written By: Matthew Carnahan
Directed By: Winrich Kolbe

16 - Sea Change
Location: San Francisco, California

Kimble tracks down an associate (Troy Ruptash) of the one-armed man, only to find him brutally murdered.
Written By: David Ehrman
Directed By: James Whitmore Jr

17 - Tucker's Gift
Location: Mayville, Texas

Kimble drops his own concerns to help build a mysterious contraption with Tucker Frederickson (Brian Wimmer), a man with a disheartening secret who just broke up with his one true love.
Written By: Randy Anderson
Directed By: Chris Long

18 - Flesh And Blood
Location: Washington, D.C.

Kimble must risk his freedom to save his sister's life when he finds out she has been diagnosed with leukemia.
Written By: Lisa Melamed
Directed By: William Graham

19 - Smith282
Location: Boston, Massachusetts/Baltimore, Maryland

Kimble and his sister-in-law (Janet Gunn) get some important information about Helen's murder via e-mail from a mysterious man who refuses to come forward until the one-armed man is taken into custody.
Written By: Valerie Mayhew, Vivian Mayhew
Directed By: William Graham

20 - Gotterdammerung
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico/Washington, DC

Part I
Kimble has to choose between loyalty to his family and guaranteed freedom when the OAM threatens the doctor's nephew right before Kimble boards a plane to Germany.

Written By: Kim Newton
Directed By: Winrich Kolbe

21 - Thanatos
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Part II
Kimble finally turns the tables on the OAM, taking him hostage with plans to deliver him to Gerard, but complications along the way threaten the doctor's last chance at freedom.
Written By: Matthew Carnahan, John McNamara
Directed By: R.W. Goodwin






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